Panel Systems


NOTE: For brand specified products, especially for tub and shower surrounds,
please contact us for more information. Brand specifications are not available on our website.

Mincey Marble panel systems are manufactured for specific jobs and shipped from our facilities in Gainesville, GA., direct to the jobsite. We do not produce excess material so we do not have extra product for stock. We do, however, provide “overage” material for larger shipments in case of accidental breakage on site.

We sell in commercial markets ONLY.

Cast marble is the only material that we manufacture. Our panels come in single ¼” thick sheets and can be installed over existing wall material provided the material (tile, Formica etc) and substrate are in very good condition.

Our patterns, styles, colors and finishes vary so read each design page carefully for the information that is specific to that pattern.

Shown below are examples of patterns found in each of our panels systems categories. Please click on each thumbnail for an exploded view.

If you have any questions, please call our office at 800.533.1806.

TS-CS/6 x 12 Vertical with top bar
TS-RS/Canopy with top bar
TS-TR/Traditional with top bar
TS-VN/3 x 6 Subway main with top bar
TS-VS/Vertical Vision with top bar