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Additional Photos
Rendering; TR-10 Metal Trim Strip
TR-10 - end view

1/4" x 96" x 7/8" Metal Trim Strip

- Use with Standard Shower Pans -



  • Product: Metal Trim Strip
  • *Categories: Custom, Rectangle, Roll-In, Specialty, Square, Trench Drain Shower Pans, Accessories
  • Series: Accessories
  • Model: TR-10
  • Recommended use: Base trim for standard shower pans
  • Dimensions:
    • 1/4" wide
    • 7/8" thick
    • 96" long
  • Finish: *Polished Chrome

Standard Features:

  • Metal trim
  • Solid, smooth finish
  • Rounded edges
  • Easy to install


  • Finish:*Polished White

Note: The TR-10 cannot be use with a Neo-Angle Shower Pan

*Recommended Colors Clarification: The TR-10 Metal Trim Strip for Standard Shower Pans Hardware Finish Options shown below are for information purposes only. We do not offer samples of the finishes.

Recommended Colors