Made in AmericaMincey Marble Manufacturing has been producing high end cast marble bath products in our facilities in Gainesville, GA., since opening our doors in 1977. We are proud to state that we purchase all of the manufacturing materials required for our cast marble products from suppliers that are owned and operated here in the U.S.

We could, frankly, be like some of our competitors and purchase and ship materials in from foreign countries, lowering our operating costs, reducing the quality of our products and undercutting market prices like they do, but we don't. We could be moving our manufacturing operations out of the U.S., greatly reducing our overhead and increasing profit margins, but we aren't. Instead we're re-locating locally, investing over $20 million into the community, boosting the economy, saving 300+ jobs and adding more, because that's what we do. That's who we are.

You see, for all of us here at Mincey Marble, "Made In America" is more than just a statement. It's a commitment and a way of life. We produce the finest cast marble available anywhere and we provide the best customer service in the industry for a reason; we take pride in our jobs and we follow the simple guidelines Kenneth Mincey established when he first opened the doors, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right, treat each other and the customer with the utmost respect, always be professional, make material that impresses everyone who sees it, especially the competition, and you'll never have any." And that's what we do. Every Day.

So whether you have purchased a cast marble product from us in the past or you're making the choice to purchase one today, you're purchasing a product that's made 100% here in America by people who stand behind their work.

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