Here at Mincey Marble, we produce the highest quality cast marble products available in the industry. We also know that accidents happen, and when they do, we can help!

We offer two (2) types of repair kits for purchase.

1 - Gelcoat Repair Kit – Use for minor everyday repairs. This kit is the perfect solution to handle everyday scratches, chips and minor breaks.
View the Gelcoat Repair Kit instructions.
2 - 2 Stage Repair Kit – Use for larger repairs. This kit is to be used in situations where incorrect placement of drilled holes need to be repaired or there are larger chips in the material than the Gelcoat Repair Kit can repair.
View the 2 Stage Repair Kit instructions.

Please note: In cases where the marble has extreme damage and repair is not an option, new material will need to be purchased.

In order for us to determine which repair kit you will need, we request that you take a picture of the damage and email it to Bobby Haskins, our senior installation trainer. Bobby will review your photo, do a damage assessment and recommend the proper repair kit or replacement material option. He can be reached via email at or by phone at 800.533.1806.

If a repair kit is what’s needed, he will need the following information from you:

Company Name:
Street Address:
Gel Coat Color:

Please note: Our repair kits contain hazardous material and can ONLY be shipped UPS or FED EX ground.
They cannot be air freighted.