Have a question about Mincey Marble Products? We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers below.


> Will you sell me material for my home?
We sell commercial projects in large quantities and do not sell to residential owners or homebuilders in small quantities. We suggest that you look in your local yellow pages or search the internet to find a material supplier in your area.

> Are your products manufactured in the USA?
Yes. All of our cast marble products including vanity tops, tub and shower panel systems, shower bases and accessories are manufactured in Gainesville, GA. We are a family owned and family run company located here since 1977.

> Where is the closest dealer with a showroom to my job?
We do not have dealers. We sell only factory direct and have a beautiful design center/showroom at our manufacturing facility in Gainesville, GA. Please let us know where you are located and the products you are interested in seeing. We will try to direct you to a project in your area to view our products. Please consider a trip to visit our Design Center when you are in the Atlanta area. Our showroom is closed to the public but always open to designers, architects and owners. Simply call our office at 800. 533. 1806 or 770.532.0451 between the hours of 8am – 5pm EST and schedule an appointment.

> What is the standard lead time on your products?
Our standard lead time is six weeks but may vary between 2-8 weeks. We do not stock any finished materials.

> Can we return extra material for credit?
We do not accept returns. Products are manufactured to your particular specifications and we do not stock or store finished material.

> How can I get a sample?
You may send an email requesting a sample to samples@minceymarble.com . Color samples are often in stock. If a specific pattern/color combination is desired, please specify the pattern and color needed, as well as the name of the project on which you are working. We will process your request and send the sample as soon as possible. Samples are typically manufactured and shipped via UPS Ground within one week. Special sizes and cuts do take longer.

> What is the difference between MINCOR™ and Mincey Classic™?
Our MINCOR™ products are manufactured and certified to meet or exceed the ASTM e84 Class A standard. Mincey Classic™ is our traditional formula and does not meet the ASTM e84 standard. Please note there is an additional charge for MINCOR™ products. If Class A is required, please be sure to specify MINCOR™ when writing specifications or speaking with our Sales Team.

> How do I place an order?
To place an order, please call 1-800-533-1806 and ask for sales. One of our Sales Team will be glad to answer any questions you may have, provide you with a quotation, and take your order.

> Can your products be used on the floor?
All of our products are extremely durable, but we do not manufacture a product for the floor, with the exception of shower pans. We manufacture many sizes and styles of shower pans as well as custom size shower pans with unique drain locations.

> What if I want a shower size that’s not listed on your website?
We can manufacture shower bases up to 5' x 8'. Call to speak with the sales team about your unique shower pan needs.

> What type of adhesives do I use to attach the surrounds?
Our panel systems will adhere to many wall surfaces. The panels are applied using a construction adhesive or silicone. If you would like more detailed information, please visit the section of our website dedicated to Installation.

> What type of saw blade do I use to cut the marble?
All of our materials may be dry cut with a circular saw using a masonry blade or diamond blade.

> Is there a specified height for soapdishes?
For a shower, we recommend installing the soapdishes at 48" off of the floor. If there are 2 soapdishes, we recommend that you put one on each corner of the shower. For a tub, we recommend one of the dishes be at 12" above the tub rim and the other at 48” above the finished floor.

> How do I install new product over existing tile?
If you are installing over existing tile, we recommend that our panels be applied with silicone. You will need special trim to cover both the edge of the tile and the marble panels. Be sure to mention that you are going over tile when communicating with our Sales Team.

> Do we apply the surrounds directly to the dry-wall?
Yes, you may apply our panels directly to the dry-wall and most other substrates using a good construction adhesive or silicone.

> What do you recommend to clean my tub surrounds?
Our panels are easily cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner such as Windex™.

> Do I need to use a sealer on my vanity top?
No. All of our products are manufactured with a protective coating and never need to be sealed.

> Do you have a sales rep in my area?
We cover the majority of North America directly from the factory however; we have sales reps in a few areas. Please call 1-800-533-1806 and ask for sales. One of our sales people will take your information and will direct you to a sales rep, if applicable.

> How do I drill holes for the shower head and valve?
You can drill through our material with a carbide hole saw or a diamond hole saw.

> What do I caulk the marble with?
Use a mildew resistant 100% silicone, inside the shower wherever marble is touching marble as well as where the marble touches the tub or shower pan. On the panel edges outside of the wet area and around the painted ceiling, we recommend using latex caulk.

> What is this long 2" strip for?
If 2" trim is included with your panels, it is typically intended to be used on the outside edges of the panels running from floor to ceiling. This trim is required by many customers to help hold the water inside the wet area. The trim is slightly thicker than the wall panel and provides a good transition to most baseboard moldings.

> How do I attach the soap dishes to the walls?
The soapdishes should be attached using a combination of silicone and hot melt glue. We recommend using a few dollops of silicone and strategically adding several tabs of hot glue. The hot melt glue is used to hold the soapdish in place, allowing time for the silicone to cure. The perimeter of the soapdish should also be caulked with silicone. See our Installation instructions for more information.